Get Out The Vote

Whatever your political view is, we want you to VOTE. And if you are so inclined to, get involved with Voter Registration.

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Environmental Issues

The Good. The Bad And The Ugly. Let's promote good works, point the finger at bad work and suggest solutions for the Ugly.

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Political Blogging

Our political discussion will encourage discourse and take input from the complete spectrum of views.

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Women Issues

Where we have come from. Where are we going. Let's talk.

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People Take Action

This website is as grassroots as it can get. Two people in their home study eager to get engaged in taking action. Looking to get informed from interacting with people like you. Getting links to POWERFUL and TRUTHFUL information.  Everyone can share resources and empower knowledge about what is going on and how we all can inspire and find solutions. Encouraging people, empowering and inspiring people, bringing back wide spread activism; we want to get people involved. Does that mean Revolution? The revolution we are interested in is sparking the fire in hearts of the people to speak out and VOTE!


Next Steps...

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